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When you choose a Content Management System (CMS) you can expect a positive impact on your whole enterprise, but first you want to hear sound advice - from people who are experienced in applying the latest technology to business processes.

... for Web Infrastructure & Strategy

To understand more about the strategic benefits of a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) design, you can talk to our highly experienced managing director, Andre Bottin. He will identify:

  • the communications process issues affecting your business
  • the software solutions available to build and enhance your IT infrastructure

Andre can provide a full web specification. You can implement the steps to help your change move forward, or we can project manage them as part of our web design and content management system development service.

... for Social Media & Content Strategy

EAB provides consultancy services for all web-based projects

Content is king when it comes to your search engine strategy. Our content strategy consultant, Suzanne Watts can advise on what you need. She can provide:

  • a full review of your content with recommendations for improvement, and ideas for more social media interaction
  • ways to integrate social media with your existing content and website
  • ideas for email newsletter content to maximise client retention
  • ideas for client acquisition using social media

You can use the recommendations to launch your own social media campaign, or you can engage us to generate content for you that is well-written, original and cogent - reflecting your particular area of expertise.

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