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The web has been around for a long time now and old web pages often can't be found any more. As the poet puts it:

You step in the stream,
but the water has moved on.
This page is not here.

But that's not the case at EAB. People are amazed they have still got working bookmarks from our old website that was replaced in 2007. So why is it those old bookmarked URLs still work? It's all down to the power of eZ Publish, our content management system of choice, plus a little housekeeping by our website support team. Here's how:

By examining web server logs and using Google Webmaster Tools, our support team can keep track of the obsolete URLs that some people are still using and tell eZ Publish to redirect their browsers to the new pages. For example, if back in 2007 you had bookmarked http://www.eab.co.uk/internet_services/website_design.htm, eZ Publish will redirect your browser to http://www.eab.co.uk/Services/Web-Design-and-Development.

But that's not all. Once you've built an eZ Publish website it will automatically track changes in the page structure. Recently one of our clients did a large scale reorganization of their eZ Publish website, renaming major sections of the website and moving dozens of pages between different sections. eZ Publish tracked it all, so that users who had bookmarked pages in their old locations will be automatically redirected to their new locations.

The eZ Publish CMS really is a great tool to make life more convenient for users. If the website administrator takes a little time to check what users are doing, those 'Page not found' errors can be banished.

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