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The Provision Trade Federation have launched their new website at www.provtrade.co.uk.

The Provision Trade Federation (PTF) is the trade association for companies of all sizes involved in trading in provisions, such as dairy products of all kinds, including cheese, butter, milk powders, yogurt and other dairy desserts; bacon and ham and canned foods.

The site is powered by eZ Publish and allows the PTF staff to update the site themselves. It also provides an enhanced password protected members area.

EAB was first commissioned in 1997 to design PTF's very first website.

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eZ Conference

The 9th eZ Conference takes place in London this year on 16th and 17th June. The annual conference focuses on Web Content Management & Digital Media and is attended by hundreds of industry leaders and experts in addition to web professionals and the entire eZ Ecosystem. There's an impressive speakers line-up including:

  • Simon Wan, Director Information Technology at Wall Street Journal
  • Mark Pilipczuk, VP, Marketing & Customer Services at Neustar, Inc.
  • Tony Wood, Founder and CEO, Vision with Technology
  • Daniel Kraft, Founder and Managing Partner (ifridge & Company), former RedDot CEO
  • Rasmus Lerdorf, Creator of PHP
  • Derick Rethans, Creator of XDebug and PHP expert

The conference is held at The Cumberland Hotel in central London. 

Please email us at sales@eab.co.uk if you wish to meet with Andre Bottin (EAB's MD) at any time during the conference and discuss your needs.

For further information visit the eZ Publish website or register here.


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