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Clouds in a blue sky

With the non-stop rain we’ve been having in the UK you may be sick of the sight of cloud!

But in the web world, Cloud-based IT infrastructure is on its way - big time. In recent weeks we have seen a spate of our public sector and civil society organisations opt for the cloud.  

According the the Civil Society UK website, the Cloud is expected to deliver 'cost flexibility, resilience and scalability' for Nuffield - that's the largest charity in the UK!

Other big organisations opting for a secure cloud-based solution include The Salvation Army and a shared platform for UK Universities (source: Civil Society UK).

If the Cloud is good enough for these mega-organisations – then surely it’s time businesses got the message - the Cloud is the future.

In May eZ Publish released its own cloud version of the content management system we work with.

The benefits of cloud enablement will be many – speed, security, support, cost and more. The aim is to allow eZ clients to focus on the core of their digitally-enabled business. We will be trialling it for suitability for existing and potential clients.    

To find out more about eZ Systems' ambitions for their Cloud-based solution please read these technical briefings by eZ Systems VP Michael Friedmann:

Talk to us if you want to find out more about the eZ Publish Cloud offering.

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Screenshot of EAB's cookie control pop-up window

Like many website development companies we've been spending time recently developing solutions that will enable our customers to comply with the new UK directive on obtaining consent for cookie usage.

The recent 11th hour announcement by the ICO that we wrote about recently (dare we use the word 'U-turn'?) does seem to relax the requirements for website owners but does not make them vanish entirely. Since we were working on this issue for a long time, for our own website we've tried to comply with the earlier stricter interpretation of the directive. That's why the first time you visit our website you'll see a pop up window asking for your explicit consent to the use of cookies. Many thanks to Scottish IT company Civic UK who developed an Open Source package (based on our favourite Javascript library jQuery) that pops up a window asking for consent!

Our understanding of the new ICO announcement is that such a pop up window is not necessary provided that the website owner gives full, correct and detailed information about what the website actually does with cookies, but we still like to be able to offer the user full explicit control of their cookie usage. So, we made sure the pop up window inter-operated with eZ Publish's native functionality (such as logging in) and social media sharing buttons (such as the Google Plus and Facebook 'Like' buttons) to ensure that consent really means consent. That is, if you don't consent to cookies, our website won't use them. At the time of writing this, we've been saddened to see some websites out there that display reassuring popup windows like ours and yet go ahead and use cookies regardless of whether consent is given or not. At EAB we are not so interested in 'creating an impression' that you are in control of your cookie usage, we're trying our best to make it a reality.

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