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The web has been around for a long time now and old web pages often can't be found any more. As the poet puts it:

You step in the stream,
but the water has moved on.
This page is not here.

But that's not the case at EAB. People are amazed they have still got working bookmarks from our old website that was replaced in 2007. So why is it those old bookmarked URLs still work? It's all down to the power of eZ Publish, our content management system of choice, plus a little housekeeping by our website support team. Here's how:

By examining web server logs and using Google Webmaster Tools, our support team can keep track of the obsolete URLs that some people are still using and tell eZ Publish to redirect their browsers to the new pages. For example, if back in 2007 you had bookmarked http://www.eab.co.uk/internet_services/website_design.htm, eZ Publish will redirect your browser to http://www.eab.co.uk/Services/Web-Design-and-Development.

But that's not all. Once you've built an eZ Publish website it will automatically track changes in the page structure. Recently one of our clients did a large scale reorganization of their eZ Publish website, renaming major sections of the website and moving dozens of pages between different sections. eZ Publish tracked it all, so that users who had bookmarked pages in their old locations will be automatically redirected to their new locations.

The eZ Publish CMS really is a great tool to make life more convenient for users. If the website administrator takes a little time to check what users are doing, those 'Page not found' errors can be banished.

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After many months of work, we’ve launched a brand new website for Victoria Fine Art to be the best for buyers of traditional and contemporary Fine Art in the UK - possibly the whole world!

Utilising jQuery and PHP for frontend and backend technologies we developed our own bespoke extension to the eZ Publish Content Management System (CMS) that implements a 'deep zoom' technique making it possible for visitors to zoom in on pictures to explore details, textures and brushwork like never before.

Zoom into painting detail

By customising eZ Find we’ve harnessed the powerful Apache Solr search engine to make it possible for art lovers to search for pictures by artist, title and categories of subject matter, size, period and price bracket.

The powerful new content management system makes it possible to curate artworks by artist, theme, period, country of origin, style - even size!

Victoria Fine Art manager, Jonathan Roberts says:

"We can’t wait to display our fabulous collection of literally thousands of beautiful, covetable paintings - many of them never before seen on the internet."

The elegant design work was provided by Sally Davidson, and our EAB Developer team led by Andy Caiger provided the bespoke software.

We are incredibly proud of this website.

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Cat and Dog

We certainly couldn't! When PETrelief asked us to upgrade their website to a content management system (CMS) so that they regularly update photos of the cats, dogs and other small furry animals that they provide care for, we were happy to help out. There's now no stopping them from plundering their photo archives to charm the world with adorable shots of their pet-sitting, dog-walking and boarding clients (with their owners' permission of course).

Based on the world-class eZ Publish content management system (CMS), the website also features blog articles, RSS, testimonials and a noticeboard for important announcements of interest to pet owners in Hertfordshire.

EAB's content development and social media specialist was also able to help PETrelief make the most of Facebook and Twitter to keep their clients' owners up to date.

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eZ Website Toolbar

The eZ Publish Website Toolbar extension (ezwt) is easy to customize. Recently, we wanted to allow our staff to easily save PDF versions of web page content (without the surrounding headers and page navigation). We installed and configured the excellent ParadoxPDF extension which uses a Java program running behind the scenes on our Linux server to generate a PDF, but how best to make this functionality accessible to our staff? The toolbar is by definition a bar of tools so that seemed the best place to add a button for this new tool. By simply adding two lines to a settings file and writing a short template, our users got a new PDF button in the toolbar at the top of every page, allowing them to download content in clean PDF format with a single click.

Perhaps your business has bespoke needs that EAB can address? Tell us about them!

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Welcome to our new client, Games for Life!

Visit the Games for Life website

We have just completed a content transfer and upgrade for the website of this technology client.

Games for Life CIC has invested several years of research and development into its ‘Attention Training’ solution. The system uses biofeedback to help people with ADHD improve focus and attention.  

Games for Life wanted a website that made it easier for parents and professionals to understand the product and purchase it online. Using the eZ Publish Content Management System (CMS), this client can now take control of their website to publish research findings and other information to support the claims of its two key products, Play Attention and Focus Pocus. 


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Andre Bottin of EAB acted as consultant specifier for this progressive new NHS website which went live on 29 July 2013.

The National Health Service’s UK Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN) is an organisation advising on and promoting equity of access to high quality genetic testing across the UK. The new website hosts an improved complex database of diseases and genes for which UKGTN has approved testing, reflecting advances in genetics. The website has been well-received by patients and health professionals.

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The charity donation website Golden Giving has accepted EAB to be a sponsor organisation to the Golden Giving vision: to make online giving completely free for charities, fundraisers, and donors.

Golden Giving sponsors are required to demonstrate a commitment to ethical giving - which we have done through our charity website design services and our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

EAB managing director Andre Bottin says, "For EAB, 'CSR' is just a fancy term for simple actions we have always done, like always paying our small local suppliers on time and offering pro-bono and discount services on web design and digital marketing to non-profits. EAB Ltd is committed to benefiting the people and businesses that make up our local community.”


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Yorkshire & Humber Grid for Learning

We are very pleased to announce the success of our latest development project for our client  - the leading learning grid provider Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning (YHGfL).

This client has a massive web legacy infrastructure and thousands of regional and national users using more than one website so they made the decision to invest in simplifying down to one user name and password.

We have used a technology called LDAP to allow users to register on the main website and move across to other YHGfL sites using the same username and password.

It’s a sophisticated answer to a simple problem -  multiple log ins and passwords. It should make a huge difference to their users’ experience.

Thanks to great project collaboration and time management on both sides, this project was completed on time, on budget and worked first time.

This is what our client Steve Turnbull (YHGFL’s Project Manager) said:

“Simplified Sign-On is a first step for YHGfL towards a fully integrated Single Sign-On. This project was crucial in making our website, running on the eZ Publish platform, ‘talk’ to our LDAP service. The project to integrate eZ Publish with our LDAP system in this way went very smoothly thanks to the close partnership working between EAB and ourselves“

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Business Biscotti logo

We are acting as ambassadors for the St Albans Business Biscotti meeting at the beautiful and prestigious Sopwell House Hotel. Business Biscotti provides networking opportunities for local businesses with no membership fee - just the cost of a coffee! It's also backed up by a national online network. Come and meet us there on the second Monday of every month...

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Our home improvement and construction client Herts Bifold Doors is delighted with a bespoke extension we created for their website: an online quote generator for their construction trade clientele to specify bifold doors for their customers and get accurate cost estimates. It also generates sales leads that are easy for HBD sales staff to follow.

The quote engine gives precise instructions on measurements and options and an easy selection interface. The quote is delivered to the trade customer’s inbox .

The flexible eZ Publish CMS powering the Herts Bifold Doors website allows websites to evolve with ever-changing business requirements: in this case a new "trade" section was added to complement their consumer business website.

HBD are a thriving small business in St Albans that trust EAB as their web partner to devise technical solutions to fuel their business growth. Find out more about our services to local businesses.

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