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Interakting recently announced that it had launched its "eZ Way 2 Magento" connector that will act as an interface between eZ Publish and Magento. This means that EAB can offer the latest e-commerce solutions to clients.    

This combination has resulted in the formation of a powerful content management engine with a very flexible e-commerce engine. The eZ Publish/Magento connector looks to combine all the essential features for Magento’s e-commerce to work in eZ Publish.

This means that Enterprise AB is now in a position to offer the latest e-commerce solutions to clients.

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We've just produced this training video for users of the Herts Visual Forum. If you are an artist in Hertfordshire and want to sell more of your work - follow the instructions and sign up! 

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Suzanne Watts

A blog is an excellent way of generating a lot of interest in your business and providing a boost in the battle for search engine ratings. On the other hand, done badly it could end up being a waste of time and resource.

Still -  as they say 70% of success is in showing up - so get blogging with these simple tips! 

Plan your blog

Just as you would your business and marketing strategy. Have a goal in mind for example, to build your brand; to sell more; to communicate with your existing customers. Then try to focus your posts on the objective. Think about your audience – who are they and what do they want to know? 

Create interesting titles for your blog posts

Look for intrigue, news relevance and, of course, your key words.  Spend some time on your first paragraph too - ensure it contains the keywords and key phrases that are widely searched by your readers. Never use a misleading title - you will lose readers. 

Use good English

Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Use punctuation and capital letters correctly if you want to be taken seriously.

Reply to comments

It’s the polite thing to do.  If you don’t, you may lose readers who think you are not interested in them. Negative comments should be dealt with constructively, rather than hidden or ignored. Dealing with criticism on social media is an opportunity to engage directly with your customers.     

Keep posting at least once a week

Keep on topic – don’t cover a range of unrelated topics in a blog. You need to focus on a theme that is relevant to your business, so that visitors always know what to expect.

Link out

Once you’ve written your post, look for opportunities to link out to other websites and blogs. The writers may spot this and follow the link back to you. This is called a trackback and is a sign that other bloggers are connecting to what you say.

Promote your blog  to your customers

Link to it prominently or embed your latest post in your homepage. 

Use images

Images make the page look more interesting. Many bloggers use Google image search but images may be subject to copyright restrictions.  Strictly speaking, blogs that are maintained for commercial gain should not use any image for which they do not have copyright, license or permission. Non-commercial blogs may link to a picture that exists in cyberspace by capturing its URL, but if you do this make sure you credit the source. To generate images you can raid your company image files, take photos or subscribe to an image library (there are a number of royalty-free image source sites).  

Use news

Blog posts that relate to a recent announcement are more likely to appear in a key word searches on  trending topics. When starting to comment on a news piece ask, “Does this affect me or my target audience?“ and,  “What do I believe will be the implications of this?“

Be original – be you!

Don’t rely solely on comments about the news. Use your blog to put forward your original ideas, tips and thoughts on relevant topics. Avoid rehashing other people’s ideas if you want to sound fresh and inspired. Blogs that work best are written in a conversational style – as if talking to a friend.  It helps to have a picture of your face on the blog too.

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Redbournbury Mill

The 1000 year old St Albans heritage attraction has completely updated and refreshed its website. 

As a long standing customer of EAB Ltd, it was easy and cost effective for the Mill to update its design to the versatile eZ Publish content management system.  The new site features a photo gallery to bring visitors closer to the heart of the mill - the volunteer workforce that maintains the mill engine; producing organic flour and teaching bakery skills.  Volunteers are able to log in to a secure access area to keep up to date with work schedules which include helping with visitor tours, running the shop and maintaining the grounds. The user friendly content management system means it is easy for the owners to update it regularly.

Click here to visit the Redbournbury Mill website.

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EAB supplies executives with new online forum

Executive Forum Alumni

The Hertfordshire–based Executive Forum Programme is a collaborative initiative between St Albans District Local Strategic Partnership;  Oaklands College, JobCentre Plus and St.Albans Centre for Voluntary Services, with additional sponsorship from Welwyn-Hatfield Alliance Trust. The 6-week Programme for personal development helps redundant executives sharpen their CV, job search and interview skills.

EAB was selected to design a project website for alumni to connect online, share opportunities, showcase their CVs and keep in touch through events. The eZ Publish content management system provided by EAB allows members full log in access and encourages sharing with social media to maximise job seekers’ profiles. Click here to visit Executive Forum Alumni website.

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Andre Bottin, EAB's Managing Director has been appointed IT Advisor to the UK Genetic Testing Network for the period of July 2011 - March 2012.

NHS - UK Genetic Testing Network

UKGTN is an NHS organisation advising on genetic testing across the UK for NHS patients. It promotes the provision of high quality equitable genetic testing services. The network is a collaborative group of genetic testing laboratories, clinicians and commissioners of NHS genetic services and involves patient support groups.

Winning vision

Outshining 7 other candidates, Andre has accepted the post to help shape the new website. From contributing to the tendering process and recruiting the supplier through to the implementation of the new website Andre will be on hand to advise. The proposed website will host an improved complex database of diseases and genes for which UKGTN has approved testing, reflecting advances in genetics.

Andre's 30+ years of experience in IT including over 15 years dedicated to web development coupled with an ability to create vision are seen as key to this project's progress.

For further information about UKGTN visit the website: http://www.ukgtn.nhs.uk.

St Albans based Herts Bifold Doors chooses EAB to develop its new eZ Publish website

The St Albans based new business venture selects EAB for the development of its website.

Herts Bifold Doors, based in Hatfield Road, St Albans is the leading Hertfordshire bifold doors supplier. They can supply - or supply and install - the very latest direct fix aluminium Easifold 3000 bifold door system. These folding doors are available in over 500 colours with a full range of finishes from realistic grained wood effect, gloss metallic and satin options. 

The website, developed with eZ Publish allows the Herts Bifold Doors staff to update the site themselves.

Click here to visit the Herts Bifold Doors website.


SOFT UK, Support Organisation for Trisomy 13/18, provides support and impartial information about Patau's and Edwards' syndromes (trisomy 13 and 18) and related disorders such as mosaicism, deletion, ring and partial trisomy. SOFT UK is a registered charity founded in 1990. The charity recently launched officially the new website at the 2011 SOFT UK Conference.

The new SOFT UK website, developed with eZ Publish, offers a wealth of functionality to members and SOFT UK Trustees and Volunteers.

The site has been configured to allow parents to write blogs and upload photos and videos for their loved child. The SOFT UK Trustees (based in various parts of the UK) can use a range of online applications such as bookkeeping, TO DO lists, etc, allow them to operate more effectively and raise the quality of services offered to the members at reduced expense.

Read the full SOFT UK case study.

Visit the SOFT UK website

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The Provision Trade Federation have launched their new website at www.provtrade.co.uk.

The Provision Trade Federation (PTF) is the trade association for companies of all sizes involved in trading in provisions, such as dairy products of all kinds, including cheese, butter, milk powders, yogurt and other dairy desserts; bacon and ham and canned foods.

The site is powered by eZ Publish and allows the PTF staff to update the site themselves. It also provides an enhanced password protected members area.

EAB was first commissioned in 1997 to design PTF's very first website.

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eZ Conference

The 9th eZ Conference takes place in London this year on 16th and 17th June. The annual conference focuses on Web Content Management & Digital Media and is attended by hundreds of industry leaders and experts in addition to web professionals and the entire eZ Ecosystem. There's an impressive speakers line-up including:

  • Simon Wan, Director Information Technology at Wall Street Journal
  • Mark Pilipczuk, VP, Marketing & Customer Services at Neustar, Inc.
  • Tony Wood, Founder and CEO, Vision with Technology
  • Daniel Kraft, Founder and Managing Partner (ifridge & Company), former RedDot CEO
  • Rasmus Lerdorf, Creator of PHP
  • Derick Rethans, Creator of XDebug and PHP expert

The conference is held at The Cumberland Hotel in central London. 

Please email us at sales@eab.co.uk if you wish to meet with Andre Bottin (EAB's MD) at any time during the conference and discuss your needs.

For further information visit the eZ Publish website or register here.


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