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EAB has successfully completed a bilingual responsive website for the Kang Yun Foundation, a Hong Kong registered charity that helps educate children in impoverished parts of rural China that have been left behind in China's rush to develop. The new content management system (CMS), based on the eZ Publish platform, is responsive so it displays well on small mobile phones, tablet devices and on larger desktop computers. The charity's volunteers can use the CMS to create and organise their own content in both Chinese and English.

EAB is a sponsor of Golden Giving and has a long history of supporting charities through developing bespoke web based solutions to meet their needs. Please contact us to find out more.

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Accademia Monaco home page screenshot

Entreprise AB, our sister company in the south of France, was engaged by Accademia Monaco to design and develop a new website to more effectively support education and child development initiatives in Brazil, and also improve their own organisational processes.

The new content management system (CMS), based on the eZ Publish platform, has a responsive design so it displays well on small mobile phones, tablet devices and on larger desktop computers. The charity can create their own visually appealing content – in both French and English – including slideshows and photo albums showcasing the projects they are involved in and their fundraising events. It includes task management tools helping the team organise and run events.

EAB sponsors Golden Giving and has a long history of supporting charities through developing bespoke web based solutions to meet their needs. Contact us to find out more!

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The charity donation website Golden Giving has accepted EAB to be a sponsor organisation to the Golden Giving vision: to make online giving completely free for charities, fundraisers, and donors.

Golden Giving sponsors are required to demonstrate a commitment to ethical giving - which we have done through our charity website design services and our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

EAB managing director Andre Bottin says, "For EAB, 'CSR' is just a fancy term for simple actions we have always done, like always paying our small local suppliers on time and offering pro-bono and discount services on web design and digital marketing to non-profits. EAB Ltd is committed to benefiting the people and businesses that make up our local community.”


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How to increase engagement with your online community

You have created a beautiful new online community website. It’s well-constructed and it ticks every box.

So why aren’t people taking part?

There could be a host of reasons. We take a look at some of the barriers and highlight solutions:

1. No one knows it's there

They do have to be told! Look closely at your communications processes and points of contact with existing new and potential members and ensure that you are not overlooking the obvious. The online registration should state benefits very clearly and provide clear instructions and easy to access support. If your community also meets offline you need to take every opportunity to integrate discussions and information on your community website. Make it a critical hub for communications and visitors will soon arrive. Read how we helped the Executive Forum Alumni build member engagement.

2. People are too shy

Often people feel inhibited from making comments and contributing to public conversations. This can be countered with opening gambits that are easy to engage with such as photos, surveys or hot questions.

3. Resistance to online sharing

Here are some great ideas from Dawn Foster, author of Companies and Communities on what motivates people to participate. Your web solution and call to action must emphasise one or more of the following:

  • Status and recognition
  • Passion
  • Work help
  • Giving help to others
  • Career advancement
  • Skills development
  • Financial benefit
  • Learning
  • Social
  • Fun

We would add ‘mutual support’ to this list.

4. Make the site bespoke

There‘s a lot of competition out there from free web 2.0 platforms. For example LinkedIn gives groups of people fast access to sharing content and making personal connections. A membership community website must offer something bespoke to the needs of the community it serves.

For our client SOFT UK we found out the real needs of members which were sensitive, deeply private yet yearning for mutual support.

Our education sector client Yorkshire & Humber Grid for Learning comprises a network of teaching professionals linked to commercial training providers, course booking and an online platform for CPD. We constructed a profile section which allows each supplier to promote its brand.

5. Give people a reason to come

Are you using your community site to host information that can be relayed to the membership by their preferred medium? We helped our client Herts Visual Arts, to produce email and web-based newsletters like clockwork to keep interest and engagement high.

6. Make your website a workhorse for your organisation

Voluntary-based organisations frequently suffer from a lack of commitment from volunteers where administrative processes are time consuming and committee member roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined. Use your community site to define roles and ideally provide the tools to help the steering committee do their jobs efficiently. For example we have developed applications in the eZ Publish Content Management System for our clients to build and distribute announcements, meeting minutes and reports; manage membership registration and subscription renewals; conduct online accounting and allow members to fill in expenses forms online.

About us

Our Government, Education and Non Profit clients

We are the UK’s leading independent developer of eZ Publish web solutions for membership organisations.

Take a look at our list of clients:

eZ Publish is a world class content management system selected by membership organisations worldwide for its amazing power. Top international users include:

The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)

AWID is an international membership organisation connecting, informing and mobilising people online in three different languages.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer spotlights LBBC’s “Community Connections” which is a multi-faceted sharing network consisting of forums, experts community content and their blog all supported by eZ Publish.


INFORMS is the largest society in the world for professionals in the field of operations research (O.R.), management science and business analytics. The society website integrates content with member accounts, events registration and online purchasing.

See the eZ Publish world class Government, Education and Non profit client list.

Are you looking for an online solution for your membership organisation? Talk to us first.

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Clouds in a blue sky

With the non-stop rain we’ve been having in the UK you may be sick of the sight of cloud!

But in the web world, Cloud-based IT infrastructure is on its way - big time. In recent weeks we have seen a spate of our public sector and civil society organisations opt for the cloud.  

According the the Civil Society UK website, the Cloud is expected to deliver 'cost flexibility, resilience and scalability' for Nuffield - that's the largest charity in the UK!

Other big organisations opting for a secure cloud-based solution include The Salvation Army and a shared platform for UK Universities (source: Civil Society UK).

If the Cloud is good enough for these mega-organisations – then surely it’s time businesses got the message - the Cloud is the future.

In May eZ Publish released its own cloud version of the content management system we work with.

The benefits of cloud enablement will be many – speed, security, support, cost and more. The aim is to allow eZ clients to focus on the core of their digitally-enabled business. We will be trialling it for suitability for existing and potential clients.    

To find out more about eZ Systems' ambitions for their Cloud-based solution please read these technical briefings by eZ Systems VP Michael Friedmann:

Talk to us if you want to find out more about the eZ Publish Cloud offering.

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EAB redeveloped the Diocese of St Albans website using eZ Publish 4. The Diocese covers a wide geographical area in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Luton and North Barnet. The website provides text, video and audio information about the services, resources and events available across the Diocese. It also provides relevant national and local news using RSS feeds. A weekly calendar of events, modified from eZ Publish's standard calendar facility, keeps churches and individuals around the Diocese up to date with what's happening locally and at organisational level.


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