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Andre Bottin of EAB acted as consultant specifier for this progressive new NHS website which went live on 29 July 2013.

The National Health Service’s UK Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN) is an organisation advising on and promoting equity of access to high quality genetic testing across the UK. The new website hosts an improved complex database of diseases and genes for which UKGTN has approved testing, reflecting advances in genetics. The website has been well-received by patients and health professionals.

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Suzanne Watts

Enterprise AB has recruited Suzanne Watts as a content strategy consultant to help clients make the most of their websites.

Suzanne has seven years experience in business to business e-communications for the Business Link brand and is studying Integrated Marketing Communications at the Bournemouth University business centre.  

With a background in public relations, she has copywriting experience for the press and has developed special interest in email communications.

“There is a potential for clients to improve SEO using e Z Publish tools” says Suzanne. “I can help them develop articles for blogs that can be posted on social media like Facebook and Linkedin”.

EAB managing director Andre Bottin says, “More and more clients want help to improve their communications with their customers and build stronger social media profiles.”

Suzanne’s first job is to launch a blog for EAB to mark its 20 years in business. 

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Andre Bottin, EAB's Managing Director has been appointed IT Advisor to the UK Genetic Testing Network for the period of July 2011 - March 2012.

NHS - UK Genetic Testing Network

UKGTN is an NHS organisation advising on genetic testing across the UK for NHS patients. It promotes the provision of high quality equitable genetic testing services. The network is a collaborative group of genetic testing laboratories, clinicians and commissioners of NHS genetic services and involves patient support groups.

Winning vision

Outshining 7 other candidates, Andre has accepted the post to help shape the new website. From contributing to the tendering process and recruiting the supplier through to the implementation of the new website Andre will be on hand to advise. The proposed website will host an improved complex database of diseases and genes for which UKGTN has approved testing, reflecting advances in genetics.

Andre's 30+ years of experience in IT including over 15 years dedicated to web development coupled with an ability to create vision are seen as key to this project's progress.

For further information about UKGTN visit the website: http://www.ukgtn.nhs.uk.

Belinda N-S pic

Welcome to Belinda Naylor-Stables, EAB's Change Management Consultant!

Belinda's experience in the field of Change Management will be very valuable for EAB's clients as they plan their website projects. Belinda's business expertise and extensive experience in developing and delivering practical change management solutions are a welcome addition to EAB web development services.
Visit the EAB team page for more information about Belinda's profile.


EAB has designed and developed a new website for MR Dynamics Ltd, a leadership training consultancy that works with its clients to create work cultures in which teamwork thrives and leadership is effective. The website is based on eZ Publish 4, a powerful web content management system (CMS), enabling MRD to change their website as their business grows and changes, without requiring technical knowledge or software tools.


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