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G&N install conservatories in Hertfordshire

The Enterprise AB team has just completed the transfer of an existing website for a leading St Albans-based door, window and conservatory specialist G&N Windows

The original web design has been largely retained, but now accesses the power of the eZ Publish Content Management System. eZ Publish's powerful URL system, well-designed HTML code and meta tagging functionality means that any website converted to eZ Publish sees improvements in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) but our content specialist also enhanced the image gallery and work blog features with the addition of alt texts which should boost the search ratings even further. 

We also helped GNW expand and enhance the content with the addition of dynamic 'page-flipping' online brochures for all the product lines. Social media has been integrated into the site and our training team is helping GNW staff including installers to start to feed in images and stories to the blog and drive social media engagement.

Enterprise AB are offering a content management service to help this lean and fast paced business stay on top of its web space.

"Now GNW have converted to eZ Publish the sky is the limit for them!" says Andre Bottin, "The website is poised for development to add on online purchasing, enhanced quotation and customer log in functions."

Enterprise AB is also providing IT software consultancy to advise this ambitious business on communications development. 

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A recent report published by the Chartered Institute of Marketing/Ipsos ASI /Bloomberg highlights how businesses are getting to grips with administering and managing social media in their organizations.

The Social Media Benchmark is a six-monthly survey of all company sizes from independent consultants and SMEs to blue-chip corporates with participants spanning UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.


It is interesting to note that only five per cent of respondents outsource their social media responsibility to an agency or third party.

We predict this figure will grow to reflect the growing numbers of businesses wanting to get to grips with social media – but unable to resource this function in-house. These days many marketing departments are stretched to the limit. Social media “champions“ can be found from within the team – they are usually volunteers with a flair and enthusiasm for sharing online. But they may not be the most strategic thinkers or the most customer-service oriented.

Which social media is easiest to outsource?

Twitter is the social media that can be administered most easily by a third party. Next is Facebook and the least outsourced is LinkedIn. This makes sense when you consider the depth of engagement of professionals who are reflecting their skills with every word. The idea of getting someone else to represent you on LinkedIn is kind of bizarre. However, there is a role for an agent in setting up a company page and maximising it.     

More of our clients are asking for help with social media so we launched this service page today:

Talk to us if you need help with social media – we can get you started with baby steps. Alternatively we work with associates who can formulate a bespoke smart solution.

View the social media benchmark online http://www.smbenchmark.com/the-benchmark/results-wave-one/infographic-wave-one/.

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Hi  - you’ve found our new blog!

We’ve used the eZ Publish Content Management System to convert our existing news section into a blog. So now we can take advantage of blog functions like keyword tagging, trackbacks and comments.

You may be wondering; if this is a new blog how it is possible that the blog posts go back several years into the past?

Here’s how: with eZ Publish it is possible to manually transfer content from an existing area like 'news' or 'press releases' and convert each article into a blog post - with all the posts backdated. 

This is something you cannot do with standard blogging software.

If you’d like to know more about changing your website to an eZ Publish system, contact us.

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Suzanne Watts

Enterprise AB has recruited Suzanne Watts as a content strategy consultant to help clients make the most of their websites.

Suzanne has seven years experience in business to business e-communications for the Business Link brand and is studying Integrated Marketing Communications at the Bournemouth University business centre.  

With a background in public relations, she has copywriting experience for the press and has developed special interest in email communications.

“There is a potential for clients to improve SEO using e Z Publish tools” says Suzanne. “I can help them develop articles for blogs that can be posted on social media like Facebook and Linkedin”.

EAB managing director Andre Bottin says, “More and more clients want help to improve their communications with their customers and build stronger social media profiles.”

Suzanne’s first job is to launch a blog for EAB to mark its 20 years in business. 

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Suzanne Watts

A blog is an excellent way of generating a lot of interest in your business and providing a boost in the battle for search engine ratings. On the other hand, done badly it could end up being a waste of time and resource.

Still -  as they say 70% of success is in showing up - so get blogging with these simple tips! 

Plan your blog

Just as you would your business and marketing strategy. Have a goal in mind for example, to build your brand; to sell more; to communicate with your existing customers. Then try to focus your posts on the objective. Think about your audience – who are they and what do they want to know? 

Create interesting titles for your blog posts

Look for intrigue, news relevance and, of course, your key words.  Spend some time on your first paragraph too - ensure it contains the keywords and key phrases that are widely searched by your readers. Never use a misleading title - you will lose readers. 

Use good English

Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Use punctuation and capital letters correctly if you want to be taken seriously.

Reply to comments

It’s the polite thing to do.  If you don’t, you may lose readers who think you are not interested in them. Negative comments should be dealt with constructively, rather than hidden or ignored. Dealing with criticism on social media is an opportunity to engage directly with your customers.     

Keep posting at least once a week

Keep on topic – don’t cover a range of unrelated topics in a blog. You need to focus on a theme that is relevant to your business, so that visitors always know what to expect.

Link out

Once you’ve written your post, look for opportunities to link out to other websites and blogs. The writers may spot this and follow the link back to you. This is called a trackback and is a sign that other bloggers are connecting to what you say.

Promote your blog  to your customers

Link to it prominently or embed your latest post in your homepage. 

Use images

Images make the page look more interesting. Many bloggers use Google image search but images may be subject to copyright restrictions.  Strictly speaking, blogs that are maintained for commercial gain should not use any image for which they do not have copyright, license or permission. Non-commercial blogs may link to a picture that exists in cyberspace by capturing its URL, but if you do this make sure you credit the source. To generate images you can raid your company image files, take photos or subscribe to an image library (there are a number of royalty-free image source sites).  

Use news

Blog posts that relate to a recent announcement are more likely to appear in a key word searches on  trending topics. When starting to comment on a news piece ask, “Does this affect me or my target audience?“ and,  “What do I believe will be the implications of this?“

Be original – be you!

Don’t rely solely on comments about the news. Use your blog to put forward your original ideas, tips and thoughts on relevant topics. Avoid rehashing other people’s ideas if you want to sound fresh and inspired. Blogs that work best are written in a conversational style – as if talking to a friend.  It helps to have a picture of your face on the blog too.

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