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Welcome to our new client, Games for Life!

Visit the Games for Life website

We have just completed a content transfer and upgrade for the website of this technology client.

Games for Life CIC has invested several years of research and development into its ‘Attention Training’ solution. The system uses biofeedback to help people with ADHD improve focus and attention.  

Games for Life wanted a website that made it easier for parents and professionals to understand the product and purchase it online. Using the eZ Publish Content Management System (CMS), this client can now take control of their website to publish research findings and other information to support the claims of its two key products, Play Attention and Focus Pocus. 


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EAB est international

At the recent China Britain Business Council event in Cambridge, I was delighted to discover that the Council has just opened an office in Xi'an – where we have a Representative Office headed by Andy Caiger.

There are barriers to doing business with China: because of visa restrictions enforced by our immigration-averse government, the British are being forced to go abroad to arrange meetings with Chinese prospects. This puts Brits at a real competitive disadvantage - unless they have offices in China or other EU countries (like us). 

On the plus side, growth is gathering pace with an increasing urban population – and I discovered that the Chinese may well become world leaders in digital marketing integration with offline retail!

Overall it was a very worthwhile event which has the potential to open up many opportunities. Salut!

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Andre Bottin, EAB MD

If you are looking to discover more about the future for UK trade with China, then I’ll see you at this event at University of Cambridge on February 12:

The China-Britain Business Council Chinese New Year Business Seminar, Lecture and Reception

I'm interested in the UK/China relationship at the highest levels and hope to hear something good from Sir David Brewer, Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council that might affect our representative office in Xi’an.

In January 2013 we launched our EAB China Online service. Our aim is to provide rapid translation of UK and EU e-commerce websites and turn business opportunities into functioning web solutions in China.

Find out more about the event and book online.

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EAB China Online is a new service from EAB specially for UK and EU businesses that want to take advantage of the trend for online selling in China.

The web development team operates from Xi’an and is led by our chief China representative Andy Caiger, supported by a group of bright young Chinese graduates with e-commerce experience.

We believe we have got something extra for companies that want to access the world’s largest market for online selling. Forecasts indicate that the Chinese market will grow to $176 billion by 2014!

Internet in China

Here are four things you may not know about the internet in China:

  1. Tencent QQ, the most popular online chat and social networking software in China
    You cannot easily get access to Youtube, Twitter or Facebook in China.
  2. The most popular search engine is Baidu.
  3. Tencent QQ with 784 million active user accounts is a cross between AOL, Yahoo, Facebook and MSN. Tencent has a bigger market capitalisation than Facebook!
  4. Although traditionally the Chinese are a debt-averse lot about 30 percent of Chinese urban households now own at least one credit card, which can be used to make international purchases through the internet. Other payment systems based on cash or debit only work within China.
Andy Caiger

Andy Caiger

Andy says:

"Internet shopping and mail-order are huge in China now. The language barrier means that UK goods need to be sold on the internet in Chinese. This can be achieved either through appointing a Chinese representative to manage a web-shop on a local shopping site such as taobao.com or by having your own website translated into Chinese. There are pros and cons for both which I'm happy to discuss with anyone who is considering selling online in China. We would encourage more UK businesses to give trading in China some serious consideration!"

Find out more about EAB China Online.

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Interakting recently announced that it had launched its "eZ Way 2 Magento" connector that will act as an interface between eZ Publish and Magento. This means that EAB can offer the latest e-commerce solutions to clients.    

This combination has resulted in the formation of a powerful content management engine with a very flexible e-commerce engine. The eZ Publish/Magento connector looks to combine all the essential features for Magento’s e-commerce to work in eZ Publish.

This means that Enterprise AB is now in a position to offer the latest e-commerce solutions to clients.

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Island of Art Screenshot

The island-of-art website has been completely re-engineered with eZ Publish.

The site allows artists to promote and sell their artworks online easily by uploading images and text to their own dedicated section. The site uses the Paypal service for credit card payments.

Visit the island-of-art.com website.

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The website rksound.co.uk was developed using eZ Publish.


Enterprise Fine Art is an on-line gallery created in eZ Publish to provide quality artworks to the discerning collector. You can browse the selection of fine art either by artist, medium or subject or by simply using the eZ Publish search engine; and then make your purchase online using PayPal.

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