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Online Training Screencasts aka Online Tutorials are useful to share with staff, customers, users of your website or online services, or prospects. You can use the format to introduce a service or explain a process to your membership.

Sometimes you need to encourage members to engage with an online community. A simple ‘how to‘ screen cast can be embedded in your website.

Tempting prospective members

You can use the ‘how to register’ process to reveal content that would be otherwise hidden. This is a great way to attract new members, users or subscribers by showing some premium or compelling feature which is inaccessible to non-subscribers.

Screen Recording Software

There are many types of screencast software. We use BB FlashBack Pro screen recorder an easy-to-use screen recorder to create compact, high quality movies for tutorials, demos and presentations. It's easy sharing with quick upload to YouTube and other video hosting sites.

Examples of screencasts

Here are two screencasts we have just produced for our not-for-profit UK client Executive Forum Alumni of St Albans. These tutorials have been designed to encourage engagement and increase access to the brilliant features of this online community website.

The first shows how to register or log in, to find opportunities, register for updates and apply.

The second tutorial is aimed at companies and entrepreneurs. It explains how to publicise a job or business venture opportunity with members of the EFA online community.


Once complete you can upload and share your screencast on YouTube and Facebook or you can embed it on your website or blog. To publicise it directly to your database send an email to your users, members or prospects.


Good luck with your screencasts. For more information about screencasts or other forms of online engagement for your membership community call EAB – we are experts in online community sharing solutions. See our Associations page to see which clients we support.

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We've just produced this training video for users of the Herts Visual Forum. If you are an artist in Hertfordshire and want to sell more of your work - follow the instructions and sign up! 

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