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Andre Bottin of EAB acted as consultant specifier for this progressive new NHS website which went live on 29 July 2013.

The National Health Service’s UK Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN) is an organisation advising on and promoting equity of access to high quality genetic testing across the UK. The new website hosts an improved complex database of diseases and genes for which UKGTN has approved testing, reflecting advances in genetics. The website has been well-received by patients and health professionals.

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The charity donation website Golden Giving has accepted EAB to be a sponsor organisation to the Golden Giving vision: to make online giving completely free for charities, fundraisers, and donors.

Golden Giving sponsors are required to demonstrate a commitment to ethical giving - which we have done through our charity website design services and our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

EAB managing director Andre Bottin says, "For EAB, 'CSR' is just a fancy term for simple actions we have always done, like always paying our small local suppliers on time and offering pro-bono and discount services on web design and digital marketing to non-profits. EAB Ltd is committed to benefiting the people and businesses that make up our local community.”


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Sally Davidson graphic designer

We have completely refreshed our logo and introduced some bright colour. The design has been rolled out across our French and UK websites.

The new identity was created by our design associate Sally Davidson, who is available to advise on all our clients' design requirements. Her experience covers all aspects of branding. Sally has a great eye for colour, style and emotional impact.

With three eZ Publish websites under her belt, including this one, she is now fully conversant with requirements for the eZ Publish Content Management system.

Sally says:

"It's been a great learning experience working with EAB's website development team. I look forward to the imminent launch of my first eZ Publish site for an EAB client, Victoria Fine Art."

Read Sally's profile here.

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Sally Davidson graphic designer

Enterprise AB Ltd is delighted to add Sally Davidson's designer's skills to its UK-based team as Dave Cooper, her predecessor, is now a member of the French team. Sally is an experienced graphic designer with a great track record of brand development and web graphics for the Arts and Leisure sectors in particular.

Her first project is to develop a new look for St Albans based Victoria Fine Art. Alongside this, Sally is developing a new identity for EAB which will be unveiled for our new French office.

We are delighted to have Sally work for us – her design flair, international experience and feel for visual trends are just what we need to complement our technical skill in bespoke application development.

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