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eZ Publish: Enterprise and Community versions

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At the very end of September eZ Systems released eZ Publish V4.4 ("Fuji"), the first of its kind to sport Enterprise and Community versions. We explore what this means to would-be eZ Publish buyers and what's new in the new release..

eZ Publish Enterprise Subscription

This version of eZ Publish is only available to clients who subscribe to the premium services offered by eZ Systems, the makers of eZ Publish. This subscription model suits companies who need direct support and bug fixes from eZ Systems. The service also includes maintenance and monitoring among other things, but it comes at a price: starting at around £6,000 going all the way to £26,000 per annum depending on the level which ranges from silver through to gold, platinum. A custom level is available. New versions of the Enterprise version will be issued twice a year.

eZ Publish Community Project

This is a version of eZ Publish which allows the 37,000 eZ Publish community members to contribute to the ongoing development of the kernel of the program. This will speed up development of eZ Publish and will enable developers to download new versions of the CMS more often, eZ Systems aims to have a new downloadable version every three weeks.

What's new in eZ Publish V4.4?

The newly released eZ Publish 4.4 includes, among other improvements,  the following enhancements:

  • An online image editor - this permits to edit the features of the image itself, including things like resize, crop, add watermark and all the basic editing capabilities
  • An improved administration user interface
  • HTML5 support to handle Flash and videos in a seamless manner
  • Finally... newsletter functionality via the adoption of the CJW newsletter extension

We look forward to work with the new version of eZ Publish, the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly, scalable, feature rich leading Open Source CMS!


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