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Herts Visual Arts

EAB continuously develops the Herts Visual Arts website powered by eZ Publish

 Enterprise AB continuously develops the Herts Visual Arts website - powered by eZ Publish

Client: Herts Visual Arts

Herts Visual Arts (HVA) is the voluntary organisation for everyone in the visual and applied arts in Hertfordshire. It is perhaps best known for organising the annual Herts Open Studio event. The organisation was created in the early 90s and was using a standalone Access database to manage the membership. The updating and sharing of this database among the committee members was fraught with difficulties on an ongoing basis. 


Over six years ago HVA (called HVAF then) embarked on an ambitious and strategic investment to modernise its ageing website and use the Web to rationalise the administration of the organisation, run by busy volunteers.

Enterprise AB (EAB) worked with a number of volunteers to design the new system. The objectives were three fold: a) enable the artists to have a more professional presence on a quality website b) provide HVA with a platform capable of creating an online community for the benefit of the Hertfordshire artists and c) streamline the administration of the membership.

The engineering of the site with eZ Publish made it possible to achieve all of these objectives without having to invest in third party software with the associated integration problems.

The website now supports the following functionality:

  • Allow artists to register or renew their membership online (including credit card payments)
  • Allow artists to upload their own images and profiles
  • Artists can select additional fee-paying options (this is all automated and does not involve volunteers intervention)
  • Allow HVA volunteers to manage the membership online effectively via a bespoke comprehensive administration interface allowing easy tracking of membership fees receipts
  • Allow website visitors to easily discover the rich artistic resources available in Hertfordshire
  • Makes it possible to update the site on an ongoing basis by a number of non-technical people

As all the data necessary to support the administration is now online and shared among the volunteers enabling them to have access to the up-to-date information securely.

The website is being upgraded on an ongoing basis and a technical support volunteer has been appointed to assist the artists who are not too familiar with the Web so that they're not left behind. EAB provides ongoing technical support whilst a number of volunteers now update the site regularly.

Says Mel Hillbrown, HVA Chairman: “EAB has provided HVA with a state of the art web infrastructure which will benefit greatly for many years to come the local member artists as well as the hard working volunteers who run the group.

We are grateful to EAB who provided the vision for this project and have managed to implement it for the benefit of all despite the low budgets and the constraints associated with a volunteers run organisation.”

Visit the hvaf.org.uk website.