The eZ Publish powered SOFT UK website

EAB uses the eZ Publish CMS to power the new SOFT UK website.

Client: SOFT UK

SOFT UK, Support Organisation for Trisomy 13/18, provides support and impartial information about Patau and Edwards syndromes (trisomy 13 and 18) and related disorders such as mosaicism, deletion, ring and partial trisomy. SOFT UK is a registered charity founded in 1990.


In 2010 at the Annual SOFT Conference Andre Bottin, Enterprise AB's Managing Director, was asked by SOFT to comment on the new website that had just been launched. His constructive criticism of the site led the founder members to explore with him the missing areas which would offer significant improvements: a members password protected area to allow affected parents to network and share their experiences and a password protected area to allow the Trustees and volunteers to operate more effectively and raise the quality of services offered to the members at reduced expense.

Enterprise AB (EAB) embarked on producing a statement of requirements which was fully ratified by the SOFT UK Trustees and implemented in the new website officially launched at the 2011 SOFT UK Conference.

The members area provides additional functionality to the public pages. For instance, via data protection settings, parents can opt to have their information (and their child) only visible to other members. There's also a members-only online forum and a list of the members with their contact details allowing parents to link with others at this most important time of their life.

The site has been configured to allow parents to write blogs and upload photos and videos for their loved child. All this is done within a tight security framework that satisfies data protection requirements and ensures that no offensive material is uploaded onto the site.

The Trustees and volunteers are able to use a range of online applications such as:

  • Online bookkeeping –the easy capture of financial transactions incorporating a simple mechanism for bank reconciliation
  • An online To Do list and Activity Log which provides an online personal diary that provides a record of the activities carried out by individuals working for the charity throughout the UK
  • An Online Forum, Document Repository for archiving purposes, and a comprehensive Website Management section containing User Guides, Wish List etc.

The site was developed on an eZ Publish platform which offers a reliable, adaptable and scalable web infrastructure for SOFT UK’s operational needs. Additional jQuery programming provides photo galleries and slideshows. It was a significant long term investment for SOFT UK and will pay for itself rapidly via reduced costs but – more importantly – enables the Board of Trustees to work together more efficiently and increases the quality of the services to its members.

EAB also delivers an IT Infrastructure and Strategy service. SOFT UK does not have a resident IT expert and therefore cannot fully exploit IT to its benefit, and is at risk of making the poor investments in IT. As the organisation is very dependent on the website and it is a Registered Charity, the Trustees must be able to show the amount spent on the website is a wise investment of the funds at their disposal and will meet future needs.

The IT Infrastructure and Strategy Consultancy service, an integral part of EAB's range of non technical services, is aimed at addressing this.

Says Jenny Robbins, SOFT UK Co-Founder Member and Trustees Chairman:

EAB are unique in that we have worked closely with them to ensure the content of the site reflected the views and concerns of our members and Trustees. We are now able to offer our members and a global public who include medical professionals of all specialities, a wide range of information and services. I have no hesitation in recommending EAB who work tirelessly with their clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Visit the SOFT UK website.