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EAB established a Representative Office in China in 2006.

Our operation there, based in Xi'an (central China) is focused on the delivery of Internet Solutions, a necessary pre-requisite to any substantial investment and an integral part of a market assessment.

European companies can start cost-effectively exploring their venture into this new emerging and vast market. 

Our Services

Chinese localization of E-commerce websites 

This includes the registration of a .cn (Chinese Country Code) domain name and registration of the website with the Chinese search engines. Our service also caters for translation of email messages (both ways) generated by the website. Find out more about our China Online services.

Trade support 

EAB will assist your company in the early stages of establishing a relationship with Chinese Trading Partners, and in the process helping you to bridge the cultural and linguistic differences.

Further assistance can be provided dependent upon circumstances for example if your organisation wishes to arrange a visit there or if you have specific additional translation needs.

Our Chinese websites: 

eZ Publish Chinese Community


Sofitel Renmin Square  

Please fill in our enquiry form or call us to arrange an initial consultation.

The latest China office tweets

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