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eZ Publish Content Management System (CMS)

eZ Publish is an Open Source Web Content Management System chosen by thousands of enterprises and organizations world wide. It helps you build corporate websites, intranets, webshops and media portals. eZ Publish is 100% Open Source, available either as a free download or as an enterprise solution “eZ Publish Premium” with support, guarantees and maintenance.

Why has EAB chosen eZ Publish?

Several years ago, we decided to focus on eZ Publish as our preferred platform for developing online applications for its clients and building websites non-technical people can update for a number of reasons:

  • eZ Publish is engineered with the core development technologies EAB has been using for years: PHP and MySQL
  • eZ Systems (the company behind eZ Publish) support for the Open Source Community
  • The quality of the code
  • Compliance to coding and accessibility standards
  • eZ Publish offers a rich set of features, many extensions have already been developed.

eZ Publish gives control of the content to the user which can create, handle, sort and store documents, files, media and images and publish them in the preferred format, channel or media. eZ Publish provides one platform for web publishing, e-commerce, intranets/extranets, document management, blogs, photo galleries, forums, portals, media management and more. 

The following considerations were taken into account:

  • Dual Licensed: with free and proprietary license options
  • Easy to use: direct front-end and advanced back-end administration
  • Standards compliant: follows open and widely used standards
  • Reliable: solid and secure software with total product responsibility from eZ systems
  • Flexible: a development framework for high-level customisation

Need more reasons to choose eZ Publish? Read the "Why use eZ Publish" page.

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Why eZ Publish?

How the eZ Publish Content Management System gives our clients speed, efficiency and editorial control.


Here you can find links to eZ Publish resources. 

eZ Find search engine

For clients that require powerful content indexing Enterprise AB can install, configure and extend eZ Find, a native extension of eZ Publish which is based on the blazing fast Apache Solr search engine.

Our latest eZ Publish website

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