eZ Find search engine

For clients that require powerful content indexing Enterprise AB can install, configure and extend eZ Find, a native extension of eZ Publish which is based on the blazing fast Apache Solr search engine.

The search engine has become the central feature of a content management system. The complexity and diversity of content modeling, and the improvement of the user experience requires the creation of search indexes capable to reproduce:

Lists of search results

  • search results by "relevance"
  • search results by "syntactic proximity" or "lemmatization" (word family)
  • search results by "geographical proximity"
  • "data catalogs": all news, all items, etc.. filtered by year, themes or any other exploitable fields

Suggestion mechanisms

  • suggestions of "close matches"
  • "suggestions of content" by thematic proximity

Mechanisms of weight results

  • considering "synonyms"
  • inclusions or exclusions of "glossary"
  • "selected highlights" of certain content on specific keywords

Filter mechanisms and classification of results

  • "faceted classification": eZ Find can automatically propose deducted filters from any field of the CMS: by type of  content, month or year of publication, author, keyword, theme, etc.. The values of filters are deducted automatically then grouped, to propose eventually only filters ensuring display results (no more "0 results").


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