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Customer/Supporter Relationship Management (CRM)

If you are a charity or a commercial organisation your supporters or customers are your life blood: without them you don't exist. In both cases you need to ensure your web infrastructure enables you to manage the relationships as efficiently as possible.

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For all our clients we recommend SugarCRM - the leading Open Source CRM. SugarCRM gives every user - whether in sales, marketing, or support - the power to create extraordinary customer relationships.

EAB will integrate your adapted Customer/Supporter Relationship Management system with your website and your mass emailing system (such as Mailchimp). This integration makes managing your relationships much easier via the following options:

  • Synchronisation (eg: a visitor registering on your website will be added to the CRM and your mailing list)
  • Email notifications: (eg: when a visitor registers on the site or subscribe to the newsletter)
  • Sharing information with colleagues
  • Single sign-on to allow access to the CMS and CRM for the appropriate users
  • Integration with social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN)

Our partner Michael Collins, a leading data strategist from Database Marketing Counsel with more than 25 years experience in this domain, will assist you and guide you through the establishment of the CRM strategy for your organisation comprising use of data and how it will drive your communications and the business processes fundamental for the implementation of SugarCRM.

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