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Domain name renewal and expiry

Domains are renewed on a biennial basis unless a different period is specified by the customer. EAB will send out an email notification 30 days prior to the domain name expiring requiring the customer to confirm the renewal and the period. Upon receipt of the customer's confirmation of renewal EAB will send the invoice to the client's email address. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure their contact details are up to date. Clients who do not wish to renew a domain need to contact us with a minimum of 15 days before the domain expires by emailing admin@eab.co.uk.

If the client requests that he no longer wishes to have a domain name renewed by us, it will be left to expire and all services EAB provide regarding that domain name will be suspended. The client's domain name will then go into a 30 day protected period, after 30 days the domain will be suspended by Nominet and it will go into a 60 day grace period. If the client change their mind and still wanted to retain their domain name, they still can and at the original renewal price. This must be requested by email before the 80th day after your domain has expired, after 90 days your domain will be cancelled and deleted from the register and made available for resale through a third party registrar by Nominet. EAB will not guarantee the renewal of a domain name after this happens.

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